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Oy with the Icons already!

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this is the icon journal for hollywood630

if want to stay up-to-date with my new icons add me to your friends list.

all old icons are saved to memories and you can also search through the tags.

i do take requests, so if you want something made just for you comment on one of my posts and tell me, in as much detail as you can, what it is you want and i'll try to comply.


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X. No hotlinking!
X. Enjoy!


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80s movies, across the universe, adrien brody, alfonso cuarón, america's next top model, anton corbijn, atonement, audrey hepburn, barack obama, before sunrise, before sunset, black & white photographs, brandon flowers, britpop, children of men, clint eastwood, clive owen, coffee, couture, dior homme, edward norton, elliott smith, eternal sunshine, ethan hawke, ewan mcgregor, fashion, fashion photography, foriegn films, françois truffaut, gary oldman, gilmore girls, grizzly bear, guy fawkes, guys in skinny pants, gwyneth paltrow, harold and maude, hipsters, i want to believe, ian curtis, iceland, icon making, icons, james dean, james mcavoy, jarvis cocker, jerry maguire, jesus of suburbia, jim sturgess, joe anderson, joy division, julie delpy, kate beckinsale, kate winslet, keira knightley, london, los angeles, lou taylor pucci, love will tear us apart, marilyn monroe, mark whalberg, monica bellucci, moulin rouge, movie quotes, movies, mulder and scully, music, naomi watts, natalie portman, natalie wood, nicole kidman, oasis, owen pallett, paris, pete doherty, pete yorn's hair, pop culture, pretty in pink, project runway, pulp, q'orianka kilcher, rachel weisz, ralph fiennes, remember remember, requests, rock stars in suits, sam riley, sigur rós, silversun pickups, smokey the bear, sufjan stevens, sylvia plath, taken, terrence malick, the 4400, the 5th of november, the academy awards, the bell jar, the constant gardener, the english patient, the golden globes, the joker, the new world, the painted veil, the x-files, ufos, urban photographs, v for vendetta, vampires, vintage photographs, vivien leigh, waltz for a night, west side story, why so serious?, wicker park, wong kar-wai,

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