i get by...

...with a little help from my friends.

this isn't icon related. but i figured i might as well post this anywhere i can. so here you go.

so my aunt linda was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. she beat it once. last year it came back. she's still fighting it. last fall my cousin christine, her daughter, was diagnosed. she's still fighting. last week they discovered that my cousin wendy has the gene. so she might get it as well. same with her daughter. and christine's two little girls. in fact, last week christine's 10 year old daughter samantha asked my uncle mike if one day she'll get breast cancer, since her mom and her grandma both have it. that nearly broke his heart.

my mom, my uncle and i are walking in the san francisco 60 mile, 3 day breast cancer walk in september. i have to raise $2000 in order to participate. aka i need to have that money raised or i can't walk. i've got about a month left. and i'm nowhere near my goal. so, i'm asking you guys. any help is better than no help. $5 even would be great.

here's the link ---> <--- to my online donation page. it only takes a few minutes and it would mean the world to me.

thank youuuuuu.